Anna Positano





Sedimenta visually narrates the fragmented landscape of Mt. Krn. A hundred years ago, this accumulation of stratas saw one of the bloodiest battles fought in World War One, the Battle of Caporetto, during which the bombing severely damaged the mountain itself. Today, the rocks illustrate the witnessed trauma and present a petrified text of human history, a topographic testament to the embedded anthropogenic forces. Each component of the mountain range is fragments that carry out the meaning of the whole; by compressing and isolating these elements, the photographed layers build a genealogy of the recent past.

Commissioned by Faraway, So Close, 25th Biennial of Design, Ljubljana.

4 Digital C-prints, 40 x 40 cm, mounted on black plexiglass (diptychs)
3 Digital C-prints, 60 x 60 cm, mounted on black plexiglass