Anna Positano

Author: Anna Positano

  • Luxembourg. The Productive Landscape

    Luxembourg. The Productive Landscape

    Luxembourg’s landscape shows significant anthropogenic modifications, including alterations in woodlands and waterways. The existing planning practices and protocols in the region still contribute to high carbon emissions and reflect an extractive approach. This photo essay explores the complex interplay between ecological and resource-related systems, along with landscapes, by capturing the everyday atmospheres of Luxembourg and…

  • Arles. Fallowscapes

    Arles. Fallowscapes

    Situated on a promontory along the left bank of the lower Rhone River, Arles oversees expansive plains that were once considered uncultivable wastelands. The Camargue Delta separates salt from seawater, while an intricate network of canals distributes freshwater from Alpine rivers, converting the arid Crau plain into a fertile and productive expanse. This photo essay…