Anna Positano

Category: Project

  • Luxembourg. The Productive Landscape

    Luxembourg. The Productive Landscape

    Luxembourg’s landscape shows significant anthropogenic modifications, including alterations in woodlands and waterways. The existing planning practices and protocols in the region still contribute to high carbon emissions and reflect an extractive approach. This photo essay explores the complex interplay between ecological and resource-related systems, along with landscapes, by capturing the everyday atmospheres of Luxembourg and…

  • A Steady Diet of Nothing. Archives 2004-2021

    A Steady Diet of Nothing. Archives 2004-2021

    This project is a compound selection of photographs from my archives. In 2021, after years of accumulation, dispersion, and partial neglect, I filled an old Olivetti cabinet with films and hard drives dating back to 2004. In an attempt to summarize my photographic process, I noticed a hungry attitude towards producing new images rather than…

  • Arles. Fallowscapes

    Arles. Fallowscapes

    Situated on a promontory along the left bank of the lower Rhone River, Arles oversees expansive plains that were once considered uncultivable wastelands. The Camargue Delta separates salt from seawater, while an intricate network of canals distributes freshwater from Alpine rivers, converting the arid Crau plain into a fertile and productive expanse. This photo essay…

  • Lungo Mare Canepa

    Lungo Mare Canepa

    Lungo Mare Canepa is a coastal promenade situated on the western outskirts of Genoa. Despite its charming name, the lungomare is actually a fast-paced road, where the sea view is obstructed by container terminals and industrial port activities. The project focuses on the experiential perception of the street. While walking along the northern side of…

  • Sedimenta


    Sedimenta visually narrates the fragmented landscape of Mt. Krn. A hundred years ago, this accumulation of stratas saw one of the bloodiest battles fought in World War One, the Battle of Caporetto, during which the bombing severely damaged the mountain itself. Today, the rocks illustrate the witnessed trauma and present a petrified text of human…